A downloadable asset pack

Why are you posting this?
This was made in MS Paint 3D in the early days before some functionality was taken away. 
I can't replicate this anymore so I consider it one of my gems! Use it! :D

Where is the glossy sphere?
The picture shown is a screenshot. The actual file is in gltf format.
You can look at it in 3D Viewer and other software/apps.

  • planet_paint3d_glossy.gltf
    • this is the file of glossy sphere
  • ReadMe.txt file
    • has the details of the CC BY 4.0 license which is also posted below

How to credit?
Can use to share, adapt, and even use for commercial uses under the following terms:
Attribution —


planet_paint3d_glossy.gltf 4 kB
ReadMe.txt 654 bytes

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